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Amongst other things I write.

I write for people who love nature, or for those who want to love it but don’t yet know how. To read more, check out my manifesto.

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What our collaborators say

I’ve worked with Helen for over two years now and she has been consistently brilliant to work with. She is collaborative, knowledgeable, communicative and always goes above and beyond. Her strengths include a deep and varied knowledge on the outdoors and how it can improve your mental health and physical wellbeing. Florence, AM Heath

Helen wrote a really lovely feature for Natural Health about creating a mindful garden. She’s a professional, accomplished writer, she’s really engaged with her subject matter, and a great communicator.  Liz, Natural Health

A big thank you to Helen Rook for being part of the ‘Urban Wild’ feature in our magazine and we are so excited to say our Spring Issue is now out! Creative Impact Magazine