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A sensory journey through the seasons, where Helen will talk about how images tell the tales of our lives, sharing the stories behind some of her own photographs.

Helen was a fascinating and engaging speaker and the participants enjoyed a thought-provoking and relaxing session, based around wellbeing and the natural world. 

Michelle Hodgson, Festival Director, Huddersfield Literature Festival

Audience feedback:

“It was a brilliant event and definitely made me think more about my wellbeing and the environment more”

“What a wonderful few hours that was! The location for this event was perfect, host team were so welcoming & friendly. Feel very grateful to have listened to & spend time with the author of a book that means so much to me & my friends. Thank you, was part of a perfect, perfect Friday.” 


Hour-long demonstrations to suit your tastes.  From natural crafts to herbal preparations, natural beauty products to wild cocktails.

Nature Walks

Guided nature walks with Helen Rook in Yorkshire to boost your wellbeing and remind you of your nature connection.

It has been a pleasure from start to finish to work with author Helen Rook and Michelle Hodgson from Huddersfield Literature Festival to bring this event around Helens book ’Urban Wild’ to realisation. As We helped Helen explore some likely Urban Wild locations in Huddersfield it was clear that she shared with Support to Recovery’s Great Outdoors Project a common approach to finding inspiration for our wellbeing close to home, in the unofficial countryside of our neighbourhoods. The photos we took together that afternoon will give us all a small legacy of a moment we spent together, being present, with the beginning of spring in an urban wild Oasis.

Jason Kerry Project Manager Great Outdoors Project Support to Recovery (S2R)

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