Education and training

FACT: Over 30% of new teachers leave the profession in the first five years of employment.

FACT: This means the UK has one of the least experienced teaching workforce in the world.

FACT: Every new post advertised has huge costs to the organisation.

Don’t let your staff join the statistics

Innovate is an exciting new training programme for teacher trainees and NQTs, aiming to ease the transition into life-long teaching practice. Grounded in up to date educational research and positive psychological practices, our experienced trainers will walk you hand in hand through ways to handle some of the most challenging issues, identified by teachers themselves, to give your staff the head start they need.

What you will learn

  • Stress Management
  • Building Positive Relationships
  • Working with Behaviour that Challenges
  • Trauma Informed Approaches
  • Coping and Resilience
  • Meaningful Employment

How you will learn

This course is split into three modules run over four days at various locations in the UK. The sessions will all have an outdoor element to maximise health benefits and will involve educational content, mindfulness and reflective practice.


  • Skilled teaching staff Enhanced productivity
  • Happier workforce
  • Reduced burnout and early drop-out
  • Improved student achievement

What our delegates say

‘Excellent content, fitted so many different activities into the day’ Emily, BA SMLE

‘Covered loads of interesting, creative and useful activities with links to the curriculum.  Very informative and inspirational’ Lisa, graduate TA

‘I found the course very useful and enlightening, I left full of information and ideas’ Chloe, childcare trainee

‘A really enjoyable afternoon, practical and thought provoking’ Helen, Course lead BA Supporting and Managing Learning

‘Great day of activities and resources, loved the hands on experience’ Kellie, graduate childcare trainee

‘Great day – a good mix of practical and information – well thought out and appropriate for the students’ Wendy, childcare tutor

‘Helen was amazing!  She explained everything really well and had brilliant activities’ Claire, teacher ed.

‘Course content diverse, stimulating and full of ideas’ Anna, behaviour management team

‘The venue was great.  The course was brilliant.  I learnt a lot that I can use with my pupils’ Safiyyah, teacher trainee