Corporate events

Working in nature has been found to raise productivity, increase a sense of wellbeing, reduce fatigue and techno-stress.  Aimed at small businesses or individual departments, our range of outdoor events allow your staff the space they need to be the most efficient team they can be.

Stress buster session

Do you need some time for your team to relax and build stronger relationships?  Then spend half a day with us in the woods, for an introduction to  the concept of forest bathing for stress relief.


Team away day

Do you want to show your staff they are appreciated, improve morale and raise productivity in your workplace?  Then it’s time to give them a little space apart to connect, have fun and review performance.  In a world where money can no longer be the biggest motivator for your workforce, away days have been found to improve job satisfaction and offer valuable time for feedback .  You dictate the budget, identify your own aims and objectives and let your team choose the content from a range of opportunities.


Leadership retreat

Need some time for your managers to deal with difficult times, adapt to change and generate greater cohesion?  You decide the needs of your team, your budget and the length of stay and we will help you to develop a programme to satisfy your requirements.


Please get in touch to discuss any of these, or your own ideas further.