Health and wellbeing

With work based stress on the increase, it is more vital now that ever before to take some time out for yourself.  We believe in the importance of a lifelong connection with nature and offer a variety of opportunities in the outdoors for adults to introduce, or remind you of the restorative benefits of the natural world.

Guided nature walks

Two hour session for individuals or small groups, introducing the principles of forest bathing for stress relief.

Woodland sanctuary

Half day out with a touch of luxury to awaken your senses in the woodland, offering activities geared to relax and replenish the mind, body and soul.

Woodland immersion

Whole day in the woods with an element of challenge, drawing on many aspects of basic bushcraft including shelter, spoon carving, wild food and fireside cooking.


Join our mountain and basic expedition leader for a micro adventure, to reduce anxiety, depression and improve self-esteem, mood and sleep patterns.


What our clients say

‘Throughout our annual adventure we were introduced to a way of seeing the world that few fully understand.  Helen the Shepherd of the wood brought with her natural friends, from thrushes to endangered sparrows and in our days together drew out the badgers and foxes from their winter slumber and made friends with early spring flowers and plants.  With amazement that all her friends were waking up so early, she met each one with a deep sense of love and protection and above all true connection to the world around her.  As always it made a lasting imprint on my life’  Martin, co-founder of Healo