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About Helen

Helen is an author, teacher and lifelong lover of nature, with a passion to share it with others.

She has worked in education for over twenty years, helping people to connect with nature from early years, through primary, secondary and high needs, to further and higher education and has led many staff training and wellbeing events in nature, for people working or training within the health and education sector.

Her first book Urban Wild is a collection of seasonal activities to connect with nature in urban and suburban environments.

Helen gives talks and runs courses across the UK, to remind people of their innate connection to the natural world and the benefit this has on our lives.  She holds a masters in Applied Positive Psychology, where her research focused on how connection with the beauty of nature can increase wellbeing following bereavement.

The planting of the seed

‘Nature is a constant in my life.  Before my own memories of the connection began, I am told of my love for it, my first word was tree.  I rarely made it to school on time because it took me so long to walk through the fields that led to the classroom, thankfully my patient Mum allowed me to be slow and cultivate the awe and wonder the natural world inspires.   In my teens, like so many others, I lost my way a bit but nature brought me back, being in the natural world and working with horses. As an adult nature continues to be my sanctuary, offering a space to stop, reflect,  replenish and plan for my future’.

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