Our story

The planting of the seed

‘Nature is a constant in my life, my first word was tree.  I rarely made it to school on time because it took me so long to walk through the fields, thankfully my patient Mum allowed me to be slow and cultivate the awe and wonder the natural world inspires.  In my teens, like so many others, I lost my way a bit but nature brought me back, being in the natural world and working with horses.  I wouldn’t have known to call it therapy back then but today I know that it was.  As an adult working hard in my career, nature again is my sanctuary, giving me the space to stop, reflect and replenish.

I know first hand the importance of a lifelong connection with nature, now I want to share this with you.’

Into the Woods was founded by Helen Rook, lifelong lover of nature with a passion to share it with others.  We are based in the north of England and run courses in beautiful places across the UK.

Helen is a qualified and experienced teacher of art, outdoor studies, horticulture and conservation, is a basic expedition leader and has been practicing forest school leader since 2008.  Alongside this she has lead many staff training and wellbeing events for people working or training within the health and education sector.

With over twenty years experience in education from early years, through primary, secondary and high needs, to further and higher education, whatever you need you can be sure you are in safe hands.


Previous collaborations

As well as working with numerous individuals and families we have also collaborated with varied organisations.