Solid Ground

Amongst other things I write.

I write for people who love nature, or for those who want to love it. For people who value wellness of themselves, others and the Earth equally. Who search for happiness more than money. And who understand that, amidst all the problems of the world, we are still lucky to be here.

I write so people get up in the morning, open the curtains, take a deep breath and feel glad to be alive.

I write to further my knowledge, to build my own wonder of nature daily and to make me pay attention to its beauty.

But most of all, I write because I love it.

So here’s my manifesto, a pledge to you as a nature lover and valued reader:

  • Nature is for everyone and my work has and will always reflect this. For people to love, respect and care for their world, wherever they live, it must be accessible to all, in whatever varied form necessary.
  • Nature is magical and alive, a perfectly designed living system that we are part of. If my writing ever fails to convey the wonderment I feel everyday when I step outside, then I have gone chronically wrong. Please remind me.
  • Being present is key. My work will always aim to encourage this, to enable us all to begin reading the book of nature.
  • I am in love with the natural world but I also value scientific evidence. My writing will often make up-to-date research easily accessible – without the jargon.
  • Sometimes its good to just be. Sometimes we need something to do. There will always be a combination of both in my work.
  • Ultimately I love nature because its beautiful. I will always try to show this, whether through the tiny detail of a seed head to the vastness of the ocean. I want you to take a sigh of relief every time you turn the page, even if you are tucked up in bed in the depth of winter.

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